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We apologize for the inconvenience of our website being down! Elechia and Sarah are tirelessly working to bring you the most up to date website! We are in hopes that it will only be down for a few days!

In the mean time, please contact our office at 828.322.6979 for any immediate needs!

Just a few reminders for our NEW CLIENTS while our site is down:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment to allow yourself time to fill out the Health Intake Forms.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid any heavy pain medications such as Opioids for at least 12 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wear breathable athletic wear that allows for movement.
  • If you have more than 3 medications, please bring a medication list for your records.
  • Please bring any images or pertinent medical records that you may have for the practitioner to review.

Thank you so much for your cooperation during this time of change!

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What’s stopping you from being physically active?

We all know how important physical activity is, but why is it that we don’t all engage in some type of physical activity daily?  Although physical activity increases your chances of living longer, sleeping better at night, maintaining a healthy weight, having stronger and healthier muscles and bones, decreases your chances of being depressed, and overall helps you feel better about yourself… why is it that this is not enough to get everyone’s attention?

Who has the time? This is one of the most common excuses in the book, and I have to say, I get it! It’s hard to manage our time between work, our families, and social lives.  But, I have good news… the CDC recommends we get about 2 hours and 30 minutes of physical activity in a week… that’s only 30 minutes a day!  This is achievable for everyone, and I have plenty of tips that can help!

You can fit in your exercises throughout the day, it doesn’t all have to be at once! As long as you are doing your physical activity at moderate levels for 10 minutes at a time, this is perfectly fine.  This means getting your heart rate up and maintaining a steady pace for at least 10 minutes.  Fit in a good 10 minutes before work in the morning, another on your lunch break, and again in the evening.  Your 30 minutes is complete!

Where do I start? You can choose any type of physical activity you want! It can be anything as long as you are going at a moderate to vigorous pace.  This can even include household chores, such as mowing the lawn, walking the dog, raking the leaves, etc.

While going to work in the morning, park in a farther parking spot to get more walking in, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and on your lunch break walk a block or two to get lunch instead of driving!

These things may not seem like much, but they can make all the difference.  More and more Americans are living sedentary lifestyles and this is leading to many health problems.  The leading causes of death in the U.S. are due to heart disease, certain cancers, and complications due to obesity. Many of these deaths can be prevented with the simple lifestyle choice of incorporating physical activity into your day.  Let’s not waste any more time on excuses, and end the sedentary lifestyle epidemic!

Practice What You Preach!

Sitting here in VEGAS (!!) looking out my window at the desert mountains, waiting to leave for our continuing education class.  Thinking out loud to Cortney, I yell “UGH!!  I’m sore and tired. My neck and back is sitting at a constant dull ache!”  Cortney glares at me from the bathroom as she is getting ready, “Well I wonder why?” with sarcasm in her voice…  I look down at my phone, noticing 12 text messages and 3 missed calls and ALL from clients asking for appointments or rescheduling.  I giggle as I look up from the phone and smirk… “Just wait… Your schedule is full and starting to look just as packed like mine!  Your body will hurt one day too”. Grunting she looks back at me with the same sarcasm and a smirk…”Maybe!… but only if I follow your lead and not take care of myself! Practice what you PREACH girl!” – BAM! It hit me like a load of bricks! I am teaching her so many things- modalities, techniques, conversation points, exercises to give clients, etc… BUT what am I NOT teaching her? Better yet what AM I teaching her when it comes to maintaining her own body as she performs these massages? Am I going to be responsible for ruining her career by being a bad example as her mentor??

Later that morning, I kept thinking about what she said “Practice what you preach…”.  As I start talking to all of my peers and hearing their stories, I start to inquire about their own self-care. Out of 56 therapists only 4 therapists were NOT receiving self treatments! I was shocked! “I am so busy”, “I am taking care of so many clients”, “I don’t have time!”, “I have a family, business, employees to look after…” excuse after excuse was running through my head.  I was so mad at myself… but more so ashamed and embarrassed at how I have treated my own body!  Here I am preaching to each client about self care and positive habits when I am no listening to my own advice! I am the very definition of a hypocrite!

I’m a licensed medical massage practitioner and a certified healthcare provider. We (as in healthcare providers) are trusted to have a patient’s/client’s best care in mind.  Therefore, we are held to a certain standard the minute that person instills that trust in you.  By me not providing myself with my own treatments, I am no longer living by example. For instance… would you take nutritional advice from someone who is clearly overweight?  Would we take our doctors or nurses seriously when they tell us to stop smoking when we smell the smoke on their clothes?  How about a personal trainer that doesn’t workout?  What about a Medical Massage Practitioner that is preparing you for maintenance but doesn’t do it herself?…. “Hi, my name is Elechia Morgan… and I am a workaholic and I have learned my lesson.”

“…practice what you preach girl!”