Your Little Green Bestie.


Who knew the powers that a tennis ball could hold! There is always that common misconception that they are just for you to hit around with a racket, throw in the yard for your dog to go fetch, and used at sports events to help athletes with their hand-eye coordination. These purposes are great to help with one’s physical activity, and health in general, and while those may be the main functions a tennis ball has been used for in the past, it could be used for so much more and improve your functionality on a greater scale!

As working Americans, or heck even if you don’t work, we get pains in our body from time to time. This pain is not your nagging spouse either, it is caused from repetitive movements you do to your job, working in the yard, playing a sport, or just being physically active in general. With all of these aches and pains and our busy schedules, how do we fix ourselves without paying to have it done for us? For such a seemingly big problem, there is such an easy solution…a TENNIS BALL! And oh boy, will they be your best friend!

Doctors, physicians, and therapists have been trying to promote the usage of tennis balls to alleviate aches and pains over the last couple of years. It may sound a bit weird, and you may be skeptical of whether it can really help, but the truth is, that it can. I have witnessed firsthand what it can do!

I have lower back problems and trouble with my sciatic nerve that I attribute to playing sports all my life. I was told by my medical massage specialists that all my pain could be relieved by just using a tennis ball on it. Here is how that works: you place the tennis ball on the area of where you feel the pain, then you use a wall or lay on the floor with the tennis ball in between your body and the surface of your choice. At first you will feel more pain in that area, as the tennis ball is working to relieve the tension that is built up, but then the pain will start to subside and then you won’t feel any pain at all. This relief will not just be while that tennis ball is in direct contact with your body, it will last days after!

Now, you tell me, who does not want that!  It can be used on almost any part of your body too, not just your back. I have read where tennis balls can be used on shoulders, knees, hands, neck, etc. The possibilities are endless! So, if you have aches and pains that are limiting you from living your life the way that you want to, grab a tennis ball and give it a try, it just might be a life saver.

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